Balint Membership

Criteria for membership of the IBF

There are two types of membership

Society Membership

To qualify for Society membership of the IBF a society must:

a. Have a recognised Balint Society with criteria for membership and formal Statutes or a Constitution
b. Have an Ethical Code (in line with the country’s own professional code, in the UK it would reflect that of the General Medical Council’s “Duties of a Doctor”
c. Pay the appropriate membership fee to the IBF
d. Have developed guidelines for Leadership Accreditation in accordance with the Guidelines drawn up by the IBF

All these criteria will need to be submitted to and approved by the IBF Council. (This could be unwieldy so it it would probably be sensible to say they should be approved by the elected Officers of the IBF Council)

Individual Membership

To qualify for Individual membership of the IBF an indivdiual must:

The individual will need to belong to an appropriate profession then, of the Society criteria
only b and c would apply.

Apply for Membership

Fill in an application form and send it to the Secretary General of the IBF