Balint 2.0

In September of 2014 representatives from the WONCA Young Doctors Movement decided to organise an international virtual Balint Group. With the support or the International Balint Federation they enlisted the aid of two experienced Balint leaders to facilitate the group, Dr Donald NEASE Jr and Albert Lichtenstein. This initiative, named Balint 2.0 Ambassadors was launched in December of 2014 with the first group held in January of 2015.

The main purpose of this initiative was to allow young doctors to discover Balint group work, even if they practice in some remote areas or places with no trained Balint leader.

Different platforms were tested and soon the first group begun using zoom. This initial group met monthly during two years.

The Balint 2.0 is an alternative to in person Balint Group sessions and cannot replace it. But it can be a very interesting alternative.

Albert Lichtenstein, Don Nease and Lisa Buck provided several tutorials on how to convert Balint groups to an online format. While they are no longer offering tutorials, they do want to make the information widely available. You can watch one of the recorded sessions on the ABS You Tube Channel as well as access the PowerPoint Presentation.

A Balint 2.0 group is currently running, led by Joy Humphrey and Frank Meumann from Australia. Members of this specific group can pay their annual fee by clicking on the PayPal button below. No other payement to the IBF should be done using it.

Pour la version en Français de la présentation:  Balint 2.0 présentation ABS.