Conferences on Balint Group Leadership

Upcoming Leadership Conference:

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Past Leadership Conferences:

2023 Belgrade, Serbia:
Balint Leadership under Global Conditions of Uncertainty

Opening speeches:

Opening Presentations: Esti Rimmer, Philipp Herzog, Rosa Sapic, Martina Torppa, Jessica Leao, Isabelle Nouet Martinot
Balint Leadership under Global Conditions of Uncertainty

2020 Online:
Balint in Transition – Transititon in Balint
This conference was scheduled for Belgrade, Serbia, 2020 and had to be cancelled due of the Covid-19 pandemic.
It was held as the
1st   IBF Online Leadership Conference.
5 Opening Presentations are still online on YouTube

2018 Helsinki, Finland:
Bridges and Boundaries in Balint Group Leadership
Presentations: Tove Mathiesen, Christian Linclau, Mary Wassink, Esti Rimmer

2016 Warsaw, Poland:
Containment, Conflict and Creativity in Balint Group Leadership
Opening Presentation Andrew Elder
Balint Group Leadership: conceptual foundations and a framework for leadership development?

The conference 2014 Tel Aviv, Israel: Group Dynamics in Balint Group Work had to be cancelled due to war situation.

2012 Charleroi, Belgium:
The Role of Theory in Balint Group Leadership
Presentation: Christian Linclau

Presentation: André Matalon
The question of the usefulness of theory in Balint group leadership

2011 Copenhagen, Denmark:
1st IBF Conference on Leadership
Opening Presentation: Jørgen Strøbech

Presentation: Tove Mathiesen
The role of the conductor in the group