Invitation for Translation Proposals

In order to further the spread of ideas and knowledge regarding the importance of the Doctor-Patient relationship and the contributions of Balint Groups, the International Bal- int Federation (IBF) seeks to support the translation of books and other relevant works related to Balint work into English. The IBF will support with single awards of up to ?1000 for the translation of some chapters of books or articles which authors may then use to engage publishers to support further translation.

We will consider proposals according to the following criteria:

Degree to which the work focuses on the doctor-patient relationship in general and/or Balint work specifically.
The practical applicability of the work.
The relevance to a broad audience both within and outside those familiar with Balint work.
The potential of the work broadly to advance the understanding of Balint work.

Interested parties should submit a proposal including the following:
Current title, author(s) and, where relevant, ISBN of the work.
The full text of the book in the original language with an indication of which 1-2 chapters the author has in mind for translation accompanied by a provisional translation of one or a large part of one of the chapters.
A brief statement by the applicants of the work's relevance according to our criteria.
A complete, itemized budget including the total amount being requested from the IBF.

Proposals should be sent to the Translations Advisory Board via Paul Sackin. Each proposal will be reviewed by all three Board members, Andre Matalon, Paul Sackin and Helena Nielsen.