23rd International Balint Federation Congress 2024 Boulder, Colorado, USA

You are cordially invited to join us in Boulder, Colorado, USA for the 23rd¬†International Balint Congress! The theme of the Congress is "Cultivating Understanding and Compassion Through Balint".¬†While we celebrate our diversity, we acknowledge that we have much to learn from each other. Particularly when we face challenging times, it may help us to examine […]

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Balint in a Nutshell

History of the Balint Group and what it does.

Balint History

Who was Michael Balint and how he influenced Balint work.

Psychosomatic Medicine

A look at Psychosomatic medicine and Balint work.

Balint Literature

Access literature on Balint groups. This is hosted on Mendeley.com.

View books that have been translated into English through the support of the IBF.

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