1st international Balint Group leadership conference on the internet

Transition in Balint – Balint in transition      

2nd to 4th October 2020

And including four online group sessions between July and September

Second announcement with clarifications

Applicants are invited to attend the 6th International Balint Group Leadership Conference, which, due to the Corona pandemic, will not be held in Belgrade, Serbia, but on-line from 2nd – 4th October 2020 and with four group sessions between July and September. 

Payment: In order to ensure commitment participants are asked to pay €20.

Leadership Conference Fees

The task force has been reflecting on transition and would like to devote the next leadership conference to thinking about transition in Balint work and the influences of external changes in the world on Balint work.

In Serbia major transitions were the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the civil wars during the 1990s.

The effects of these periods of transitions are still very present in current everyday life and in health care.

We are also interested in exploring transition and tradition in Balint group leadership as it evolves.

Since we started our planning of the conference many Balint Group leaders have had to run their group on-line which has led to technical challenges and new connotations in the title of the conference.

Our aim at the conference is not to teach or solve technicalities – though it might be a side effect.

It’s not just a question of technicalities, but how to work in a Balint way of mind.

We wonder what could be the influence of COVID -19 on the unconscious and how does it show in a Balint Group.

How about the boundaries and the rootedness of leadership to withstand the times of change?

How does working on-line influence the group work?

Are there national differences? What changes and what doesn’t change?

Are you interested in reflecting on your experience as a leader? Then join the conference.

Information for Participants: The conference will be held in English and is intended for accredited Balint Group Leaders from countries affiliated to the IBF (and is also open to those who are individual members of IBF). 

  • Experienced leaders
  • Those newly or recently accredited as leaders
  • Leaders in training to become accredited

Participants are invited to participate in an international group for four group meetings before the conference (during July – September). 

In view of the complexities of organizing groups between time zones and over time periods please indicate as many time slots as possible – and we’ll do our best. 

We are aware of on-line fatigue and will do our best to break the activities into digestible time-units including an on-line social event.

We’ll share the schedule and the planned groups via e-mails as soon as possible.

The conference from 2nd to 4th October will have some short reflections from members of the task force and be an exchange between the groups with a concluding plenary. And in-between there will be a social event!

The overall aim is to provide a concentrated and coherent experience of working together in an international forum on the challenges and rewards involved in Balint Group leadership.   

If you attend a group you must attend the conference.

The participants are obliged to stay in the group for all the meetings in the conference

You should keep the days free and participate from a safe, quiet and confidential space with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

There will be 2 types of group:


  • On-line, experiential Balint group where participants can present their group (on-line or face-to-face group) with the facilitators as leaders of the group
  • 1hour group, 45 minutes reflection and discussion on transition



  • On-line, experiential Balint group with changing leadership on case presentations with experienced facilitators who conduct the discussions
  • 1hour group, 45 minutes reflection and discussion on transition

It will be expected that all participants will be willing to present their group or clinical cases and to lead a group.  

Staff Team: The task force (IBF) will organize in cooperation with experienced members of IBF. 

The conference is convened by the International Balint Federation (IBF). 

IBF holds a conference on leadership every two years. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for Balint Group leaders from all over the world to study Balint Group leadership together. There will be an opportunity to explore issues and themes in Balint Group leadership in more depth. 

In Behalf of the Task Force

Tove Mathiesen.